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A: The EasyGluco® Blood Glucose Monitoring System represents a breakthrough in value for end users who demand nothing less than: leading-edge technology, quality, ease of use, accuracy, finest customer support, and affordability-- all in one blood glucose monitoring product!

A: The EasyGluco® System uses capillary whole blood measurement technology.

A: The EasyGluco® System can provide results in either unit of measurement. You simply select the preferred unit of measurement during the set-up procedure. Step-by-step instruction is available in the Operation Manual.

A: Readings are displayed in an average of 9 seconds.

A: EasyGluco® Meter uses CR2032 “coin cell’ batteries. It is designed to use 2 of these coin cell batteries, which are commonly available at grocery stores, drugstores, and electronics retailers.

A: Your EasyGluco® Meter comes with two 3.0V (CR2032 or equivalent) lithium batteries. The batteries will provide you with enough power to perform approximately 5,000 tests (i.e. approximately, 3 years of battery life before the batteries need to be replaced).

A: Yes, EasyGluco® System must be used with EasyGluco® test strips.

A: The EasyGluco® meter weighs just 55 grams (1.9 ounces), and is 3.6 inches in height (end-to-end), 2.1 inches wide, and 0.9 inches thick.

A: No, the EasyGluco® System can use any lancets and/or lancing devices.

A: Yes, the EasyGluco® System uses its own Control Solution (EasyGluco® Control Solution).

A: The EasyGluco® meter saves up to 200 test results in built-in memory and records the average glucose level over that period. The newest results then replace the oldest beyond the 200 saved data to give you the most up to date average of your glucose level.

A: No, a prescription is not required for the EasyGluco® System.

A: The product can be purchased at retail pharmacies or by calling U.S. Diagnostics toll free at 1-866-216-5308, or by going to the www.usdiagnostics.net website.

A: Yes, the EasyGluco® System is reimbursed like other commercial blood glucose monitoring products.

A: Yes. U.S. Diagnostics offers a 3 year product warranty and excellent customer support for the EasyGluco® System. U.S. Diagnostics Customer Support is available toll-free at 1-866-216-5308, or by e-mail at info@usdiagnostics.net